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A Look Back at the Change from Early Recruiting

NOTE - The NCAA Division I Council passed legislation that allows recruiting contact to begin on June 15 following a prospect's sophomore year for most sports, but lacrosse and softball were exempted from that proposal and will keep September 1 of the junior year as the single start date for all recruiting contact.

In 2019, the IWLCA, IMLCA and the NFCA joined to petition the NCAA to keep the first contact date with prospective student-athletes on September 1st in Division I. 

The following video was a piece of that petition. 

2017 NCAA Early Recruiting Legislation Information


Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly on this issue over the past three years! The early recruiting proposal was adopted by the NCAA Division I Council on April 14 and became effective immediately. We have also confirmed the following information with the NCAA:

  • Club and high school coaches may NOT be used to circumvent recruiting contact rules. 
  • Direct messaging to PSAs through these third parties is NOT permissible.
  • Communication about verbal offers through these third parties is NOT permissible. 

As more information becomes available, including official NCAA interpretations, we will share that information with the lacrosse community.


Division I Legislation - 2017-1


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Danie Caro, IWLCA Director of Communications and Membership Operations / 203-577-5742