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Clinic Videos

IWLCA Coaching Clinic Video Links

Each year at the IWLCA Convention, the best and brightest names in college coaching present different elements of the game of women's lacrosse. From on the field skills & drills to classroom team building & defensive schemes, the knowledge shared is amazing.

We are offering you this inside look into the clinic sessions as a way to help grow your coaching game and have a positive influence on the teams with whom you work.


2019 IWLCA Coaches Clinic Videos

2019 Annual Meeting Demo Clinic #1:

Fundamentals of Stick Work and Shooting
Presenter: Kara Mupo, Ohio State

Session Description: Learn the core fundamentals of what is important in separating shooters from finishers and stick work vs. ball handling.

2019 Annual Meeting Demo Clinic #2:

The Essentials of Goaltending: How to Dominate the Most Important Position on the Field
Presenter: Kerry Stoothoff, Notre Dame

Session Description: The Essentials of Goaltending is a series of drills that aims to explore different facets of the most crucial player on the field, the goaltender. The goaltender is the most important position in lacrosse and perhaps all of sports. I believe that no one position can have a bigger impact on the game than the person who stands between the pipes. The physical demands of goaltending are unparalleled. Add in the mental and emotional aspects of the position and there really is nothing like it. Take a look back at the past World and National Championship teams; all have had incredibly talented, confident, game-changing goaltenders. 

2019 Annual Meeting Demo Clinic #3:

Crease Play
Presenter: Kayla Treanor, Boston College

Session Description: Crease Play will be focused specifically on attacking the crease. Learn how to be successful as a crease attacker and how to manipulate the different crease defenses you face.

2019 Annual Meeting Demo Clinic #4:

Presenter: Dana Dobbie, Loyola University

Session Description: Drawthority will give you the tricks and tools you need to put your team in the best position possible to own that draw circle. Gone are the days of the 50/50 ball, allow the stick to be an extension of your center and watch her go to work. From the middle to the wings, the wins and the counters, come watch, learn and participate in this demonstration from one of the best to ever play the position.

2019 Annual Meeting Demo Clinic #5:

1v1 Defense
Presenter: Ana Heneberry, University of Michigan

Session Description: Learn the fundamentals of 1v1 defense as it works in a man-to-man defensive unit. Presentation will include a description of simple drills that can be used to teach and progress individual defensive skills.

2019 Annual Meeting Tactical Classroom Clinic #1:

Developing the Complete Goalie
Presenter: Bill Olin, Cornell University

Session Description: Using the isolation of skill sets that a goalie must posses, this presentation will give drills and skills to help develop different areas of the goaltending position.

2019 Annual Meeting Tactical Classroom Clinic #3:

Defensive Systems: a double-backer zone
Presenters: Michele Dombrowski, Sewanee, and Jess Good, Kenyon

Session Description: The presentation will go over the system considerations of a double-backer zone, including personnel decisions and drills to emphasize key concepts. We will also cover modification options, specifically focusing on creating a system that works for YOUR team and philosophies. The genesis for this idea came from Jess taking what her scout defense did well in preparation for our Sewanee vs. Kenyon game in 2019 and, ultimately, adopting our "Prius" defense into her own version.

2019 Annual Meeting Tactical Classroom Clinic #4:

Which Way Do I Go? Offensive Spacing and Tools to Help Teach it
Presenter: Adam Sear, University of Michigan

Session Description: A short list of tools, idea's and concepts that will allow you to establish the WHY within your offense.

2019 Annual Meeting Coaching Development Session #4

Small-Sided Games
Presenter: Brice Queener, University of Denver

Session Description: This presentation will focus on how you can incorporate small sided games into your practice.

2019 Annual Meeting Coaching Development Session #6

From Team Culture to Favorite Drills - Hopkins Style
Presenter: Janine Tucker, Johns Hopkins University

Session Description: In this presentation we'll share some of our Team Culture components and why they are important to work into your every day interactions with your team. I want to share parts of our Lacrosse and Life Journal and how that fits into our culture. I also want to share a couple of our favorite drills - because everyone wants to know favorite drills!