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IWLCA Names Krossover Intelligence as Open Video Exchange Provider

By IWLCA Admin, 05/12/16, 5:45PM EDT


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA), a membership group of NCAA Division I, II, and III coaches, has agreed to terms with Krossover Intelligence, a leading sports video and statistical analysis company, naming them the Official Open Video Exchange provider of the IWLCA. The two-year deal provides over 450 NCAA women’s lacrosse teams with streamlined film exchange and advanced video analysis.

"The IWLCA Board of Directors was impressed with the enthusiasm and product that Krossover presented to us. As an organization, we look to find ways to support our members as they do their jobs,” said IWLCA President Alicia Groveston. “Our online video exchange library opens the door for better teaching, professional development, and growth of the game. This agreement will allow our member coaches to log on and access video from any women's lacrosse game in any division, at no cost. This is a tremendous benefit. We are enthusiastic about working with Krossover to continue to support our coaches and advance the game of women's lacrosse through this technology."
Per terms of the agreement, Krossover will provide all qualifying IWLCA members with film exchange services beginning in the fall of 2016. The IWLCA conducts its film exchange through an open video exchange format, providing all participating members with an open sourced library of each other’s game film. IWLCA members will have their film exchange services provided for free through Krossover. In addition, IWLCA members will receive free self-editing capabilities as well as discounted pricing on Krossover video breakdown & statistical analysis services.

“The IWLCA has been a forward thinking association for some time, becoming one of the first sports to provide an open video exchange format for its members,” said Tom Gray, Director of Conference Partnerships at Krossover. “By adopting our powerful, evolving technology, the IWLCA will continue to improve its members video analysis services. The results will be a more connected network of coaches and players, and an overall cost savings for all programs.”

About Krossover Intelligence 

Krossover Intelligence, a New York City-based startup, provides sophisticated data analytics technology to the sports world. With an intuitive online platform easily accessible by thousands of high school and college programs, Krossover enables coaches to use video to improve the success of their athletic programs by eliminating the time and financial impediments to managing their filmed content. With an estimated 95% of high school and college athletic programs now recording game video, Krossover is accelerating the use of indexed, on-demand video content and advanced analytics by programs of all sizes. 

About the IWLCA

The IWLCA is a membership-led nonprofit association representing the nation’s intercollegiate women’s lacrosse coaches within Division I, II & III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The IWLCA is a 501c Non-Profit educational organization.

Krossover Contact:

Tom Gray

Director, Conference Partnerships

Phone: 646-568-7614


IWLCA Contact:

Danie Caro

Director of Communications


Phone: 203-623-9603