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Susquehanna University Senior Reflects on 2020

By IWLCA Admin, 04/28/20, 3:30PM EDT


It's More Than Just a Game


Below is a reflection written by Susquehanna University women's lacrosse senior Stephanie Dowling about her 2020 season. 

Not every child has the opportunity to find a sport that they love and have the opportunity to play throughout high school and college. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, senior student-athletes were not able to finish out their athletic careers.

I am one of those athletes.

The first college lacrosse game I saw was Princeton University vs. Penn State in 2009. My parents took me to see a friend of ours play the sport that ended up being a huge part of my life.

I played for my town, a club team, and my high school before being recruited to play at Susquehanna University. I also have had the opportunity to coach for Centercourt Lacrosse Club.

When I was younger everyone used to say, "time flies when you're having fun," or "appreciate it while it lasts, it goes so quickly." I can picture 8-year-old me, waving this off. I can picture 18-year-old me, waving this off.

22-year-old me realized how right they were.