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Muhlenberg College Senior Pens "Letter to Lacrosse"

By IWLCA Admin, 04/21/20, 3:00PM EDT


Below is a reflection written by Muhlenberg College women's lacrosse senior, Gabriella Crivelli during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dear Lacrosse,

It has been a decade since we first met; oh, how time flies. I was quite nervous on those first few spring days of 2010, but looking back, I had no reason to be. I was unaware of all of the amazing people you would introduce me to, the opportunities you would give me, and the lessons you would teach me in our 10 years together.

Unfortunately, I am writing to you because I recently received news that our last season together will not be continuing. If someone told me in 2010 that my last season with you would be cut short due to a pandemic, I wouldn't believe them, but here we are. The irony in this is that 2020 marked a year of perfect vision, yet this completely blindsided me. With that said, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you.

To begin, I would like to address the amazing people you have introduced me to. Not only has each of my teams become a family, but so too have the spectators and supporters. I have played alongside and against some of the country's best athletes, watched my former teammates compete for national championships, and jumped up and down amongst my sisters when taking down the number one team in the country, Gettysburg. 

Each and every one of these players, and their own families, has shaped who I am as an athlete, and at times, as a person as well. They have stood by my parents when cheering me on from the sidelines, fed me after games and asked me how I was when battling injury.