IWLCA All-Regional Performers Announced

128 student-athletes honored

The Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) has honored 128 student-athletes in Division I with a selection on one of the All-Region teams for 2010. These athletes are now eligible for inclusion on the IWLCA All-American teams, which will be announced on Monday, May 31. The IWLCA will honor the National All-Americans at the IWLCA All-American banquet on June 12, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pa.

North Region First Team

Nikki Branchini, D, University at Albany, Jr.

Rachel Collins, M, Boston University, Jr.

Lauren Costello, A Boston College, Sr.

McKinley Curro, A, Boston University, Sr.

Christina Dove, M, Syracuse University, Sr.

Corcoran Downey, D, Boston University, Jr.

Liz Hogan, G, Syracuse University, Jr.

Kristin Igoe, M, Boston College, Jr.

Tee Ladouceur, A, Syracuse University, Jr.

Jackie Lyons, A, University of Massachusetts, Jr.

Shannie MacKenzie, D, Dartmouth College, Jr.

Greta Meyer, A, Dartmouth College, Jr.

Halley Quillinan, M, Syracuse University, Sr.

Jennifer VanderMeulen, A, Harvard University, Fr.

Chelsea Wagner, G, Sacred Heart, Sr.

Paris Waterman, M, Brown University, Jr.

North Region Second Team

Melanie Baskind, M, Harvard University, So.

Brooke Blue, A, Boston College, Fr.

Kristen Coleman, A, Fairfield University, Jr.

Merritt Cosgrove, M, University of Massachusetts, Sr.

Kaitlin Kelly, D, Quinnipiac University, Jr.

Traci Landy, A, Boston University, Sr.

Courtney Miller, Colgate University, So.

Ashley Mitchelides, A, University of Connecticut, Sr.

Tissy O’Connor, D, Cornell University, Sr.

Sarah Plumb, M, Dartmouth College, So.

Jillian Rekart, D, Boston College, Jr.

Ashley Ross, G, University at Albany, Sr.

Jessie Steinberg, A, Cornell University, So.

Michelle Tumolo, A, Syracuse University, Fr.

Julie Wadland, G, Dartmouth College, Sr.

Caitlin Young, M, Fairfield University, Sr.

Mid-Atlantic Region First Team

Erin Brennan, A, University of Pennsylvania, So.

Brooke Cantwell, A, Rutgers University, Sr.

Ali DeLuca, M, University of Pennsylvania, Sr.

Lindsey deButts, D, Princeton University, So.

Alexa Demski, D, Towson University, Fr.

Lizzie Drumm, A, Princeton University, Jr.

Lauren Dykstra, M, Lehigh University, Jr.

Hillary Fratzke, M, Towson University, Sr.

Corrine Gandolfi, M. Hofstra University, Sr.

Grace Gavin, A, Loyola University, Jr.

Emily Gibson, M, Loyola University, Sr.

Katie Hertsch, D, Hofstra University, Sr.

Alyssa Kildare, D, Johns Hopkins University, So.

Emma Spiro, M, University of Pennsylvania, Sr.

Mary Teeters, GK, Towson University, So.

Erin Tochihara, GK, Princeton University, Jr.

Mid-Atlantic Region Second Team

Mary Cryan, M, Rutgers University, Sr.

Jess Dunn, A, Towson University, Jr.

Jamie Fahey, D, UMBC, Fr.

Liz Falco, A, Hofstra University, Sr.

Giulia Giordano, M, University of Pennsylvania, Jr.

Ana Heneberry, D, Loyola University, So.

Angela Hughes, M, Johns Hopkins University, Sr.

Lily Kalata, GK, Rutgers University, Fr.

Katie Lawson, M, Drexel University, Sr.

Nikki Marcinik, M, Towson University, Sr.

Kristin Morrison, A, Princeton University, Sr.

Abby Rehfuss, M, Loyola University, Jr.

Candace Rossi, Johns Hopkins University, So.

Brittany Shannon, Columbia University, Sr.

Marley Welsh, M, Rutgers University, Jr.

Kaleigh Wright, D, University of Pennsylvania, Sr.

South Region First Team

Sarah Bullard, M, Duke University, Jr.

Kristen Carr, D, University of North Carolina, Sr.

Corey Donohoe, A, University of North Carolina, Jr.

Kaitlin Duff, M, University of Virginia, Sr.

Molly Ford, A, Georgetown University, Sr.

Lindsay Gilbride, A, Duke University, Sr.

Kim Griffin, M, James Madison University, Sr.

Karri Ellen Johnson, A, University of Maryland, So.

Sarah Jonson, D, The College of William & Mary, Jr.

Ashby Kaestner, M, Georgetown University, Sr.

Brittany Kalkstein, M, University of Virginia, Sr.

Caitlyn McFadden, M, University of Maryland, Sr.

Sarah Mollison, A, University of Maryland, Jr.

Logan Ripley, GK, University of North Carolina, Sr.

Jenn Russell, M, University of North Carolina, Sr.

Karissa Taylor, D, University of Maryland, Sr.

South Region Second Team

Kelly Barnes, D, Georgetown University, So.

Lauren Benner, GK, University of Virginia, Sr.

Megan Bosica, M, University of North Carolina, Sr.

Cally Chakrian, D, James Madison University, So.

Liz Downs, D, University of Virginia, Jr.

Grace Golden, M, The College of William & Mary, Jr.

Mia Hurrin, D, University of North Carolina, Jr.

Danielle Kachulis, D, Duke University, Sr.

Christie Kaestner, A, Duke University, Jr.

Morgan Kelly, GK, James Madison University, Sr.

Mary Kate Lomady, A, James Madison University, Jr.

Logan McCraw, D, Georgetown University, Jr.

Katie Schwarzmann, M, University of Maryland, Fr.

Kat Thomas, M, Duke University, So.

Caity Whiteley, A, University of Virginia, Sr.

Mary Zulty, A, The College of William & Mary, Jr.

West Region First Team

Shaylyn Blaney, M, University of Notre Dame, Jr.

Theresa Bucci, M, Penn State University, Sr.

Ally Carey, M, Vanderbilt University, So.

Jackie Doherty, D, University of Notre Dame, Jr.

Katrina Dowd, A, Northwestern University, Sr.

Sarah Downing, A, Vanderbilt University, Sr.

Maggie Dunbar, D, Penn State University, Jr.

Alexandra Frank, M, Northwestern University, So.

Kelly Haggerty, A, Ohio State University, Sr.

Alex Mundy, D, Vanderbilt University, Sr.

Annie Read, G, Stanford University, Jr.

Lauren Schmidt, M, Stanford University, Jr.

Gina Scioscia, A, University of Notre Dame, Sr.

Shannon Smith, A, Northwestern University, So.

Danielle Spencer, A, Northwestern University, Sr.

Taylor Thornton, D, Northwestern University, Fr.

West Region Second Team

Kailene Abt, M, University of Notre Dame, Jr.

Alex Breiner, M, University of Oregon, Jr.

Annie Carruthers, G, Ohio State University, Jr.

Emily Dashiell, M, University of Louisville, Jr.

Natasha Davies, D, University of Denver, Sr.

Katherine Denkler, A, Vanderbilt University, Jr.

Ali Flury, M, University of Denver, Sr.

Sarah Flynn, A, Stanford University, Jr.

Leslie Foard, M, Stanford University, Jr.

Bergen Foley, A, University of Louisville, Jr.

Carter Foote, A, Vanderbilt University, Sr.

Rachel Guerrera, D, University of Notre Dame, Sr.

Leigh Lucas, D, Stanford University, Sr.

Colleen Magarity, D, Northwestern University, Jr.

Alayna Markwordt, A, Ohio State University, So.

Lexi Sanders, A, University of Denver, Sr.

IWLCA All-Regional Performers Announced

64 student-athletes honored

The IWLCA has honored 64 student-athletes in Division II with a selection on one of the All-Regional teams for 2010. These athletes are now eligible for inclusion on the IWLCA/US Lacrosse All-American teams, which will be announced on May 25. The IWLCA and US Lacrosse will honor the National All-Americans at the IWLCA/US Lacrosse All-American banquet on June 12, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pa.

North Region First Team

Mia Basile, Merrimack, A, Sr

Demmianne Cook, Adelphi, M, Fr.

Jackie Craig, Stonehill, D, Sr.

Cassandra Cronin, Dowling, M, Sr.

Erica Devito, Adelphi, A, So.

Chelsea Donaldson, C.W. Post, D, So.

Elizabeth Fey, Adelphi, M, Jr.

Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Adelphi, GK, Sr.

Brianne Jackolski, C.W. Post, M, Sr.

Kristin Jones, Adelphi, D, Jr.

Jackie Ladino, Stonehill, M, Sr.

Sam Lynott, Stonehill, A, So.

Ashley Olen, C.W. Post, A, So.

Staci Passafiume, CW Post, A, Sr.

Claire Petersen, Adelphi, A, So.

Kim Williams, C.W. Post, M, Sr.

Second Team

Sherry Darrell, Southern New Hampshire, M, Jr.

Aubrey Duncan, New Haven, D, So.

Emily Kerwin, Stonehill, D, Jr.

Rebecca LaFlare, Molloy, A, Sr.

Sarah LeGoff, New Haven, M, Sr.

Carole Lee, Southern New Hampshire, A, Sr

Elizabeth Lyons, Merrimack, D, Jr.

Sarah Magnone, New Haven, A, So.

Samantha Modik, Molloy, D, Sr.

Emily Mongeau, Southern New Hampshire, M, So.

Rebecca Moore, Stonehill, GK, Fr.

Kelly Pasquantonio, Merrimack, M, Sr.

Lori Sollitto, Molloy, A, Sr.

Kristie Sosnowski, Molloy, M, Sr.

Lauren Spagnoletta, C.W. Post, M, So.

Samantha Titus, Dowling, D, Jr.

South Region First Team

Renee Albro, Limestone, M, Sr.

Allison Berger, Lock Haven, A, Jr.

Katy Crouse, West Chester, D, Sr.

Marissa Giannerini, Rollins, M, Sr.

Erin Growney, Limestone, D, Jr.

Katie Ilott, Limestone, M, Sr.

Kayleigh Johnson, Lock Haven, A, So.

Alley Kiern, Mercyhurst, A, So

Kimberly Masterton, Mercyhurst, M, Jr.

Maeve McGoff, Mercyhurst, GK, Sr.

Taryn Millerd, Gannon, M, Sr.

Kayla Nelson, Gannon, A, Sr.

Kira Nuttall, Lock Haven, GK, Sr.

Leigh Titus, Lock Haven, M, Sr.

Maggie Yackel, Mercyhurst, D, Jr.

Katie Zichelli, Lock Haven, D, Jr.

Second Team

Brianne Dishong, Slippery Rock, D, Jr.

Acacia Cook, Gannon, GK, Sr.

Kelley Duffey, Queens, A, Sr.

Mary Eshenour, Gannon, M, Jr.

Elyse Fisher, Lock Haven, M, So

Claire Grimwood, West Chester, A, Jr.

Nicole Haines, West Chester, A, Sr.

Allie Kakareka, Bloomsburg, A, So

Jessica Kennedy, Pfeiffer, A, So

Gayle Kuntzmann, Shippensburg, M, Sr.

Lindsay Kupferschmindt, Bloomsburg, D, So

Michelle Mangiaruga, East Stroudsburg, M, Jr.

Samantha Mazzie, Bloomsburg, M, Jr.

Jessica Sundman, Pfeiffer, D, Jr.

Lauren Tatios, West Chester, D, Sr.

Chelsea Treat, Limestone, A, Fr.

IWLCA All-Regional Performers Announced

224 student-athletes honored

The IWLCA has honored 224 student-athletes in Division III with a selection on one of the All-Regional teams for 2010. These athletes are now eligible for inclusion on the IWLCA/US Lacrosse All-American teams, which will be announced on May 25. The IWLCA and US Lacrosse will honor the National All-Americans at the IWLCA/US Lacrosse All-American banquet on June 12, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pa.

Berkshire Region First Team

Trisha Babson, Babson, A, So.

Quinn Brueggeman, Williams, D, Sr.

Liz Bruno, Trinity, M, So.

Jess Chukwu, Wesleyan, M, Jr.

Anna Collins, Babson, M, Sr.

Annie Cook, Trinity, D, Sr.

Alyssa Hood, Babson, A, Jr.

Caite Irvine, Trinity, A, Jr.

Meredith LaRose, Amherst, D, So.

Kaitlyn Pettengill, Babson, M, Sr.

Rachel Romanowsky, Trinity, A, Jr.

Kathleen Scheld, Amherst, M, Sr.

Julia Schreiber, Williams, GK, Jr.

Whitney Thayer, Williams, A, Sr.

Samantha Weinstein, Williams, M, Fr.

Loretta White, Wellesley, M, Sr.

Second Team

Hope Barone, Connecticut, M, So.

Hailey Colburn, Wheaton, A, So.

Kaitlin Ellis, Williams, M, So.

Marguerite Fulton, Williams, A, So.

Nicole Labbee, Wellesley, D, Jr.

Sarah Macary, Babson, GK, Jr.

Taylor MacDonald, Eastern Connecticut, M, Sr.

Shannon Manning, Bridgewater State, M, Sr.

Molly Morrow, Wellesley, A, Sr.

Nicole Poli, Western New England, D, Jr.

Sarah Remes, Trinity, M, Sr.

Katie Saylor, Wellesley, D, Sr.

Kelley Trapp, Amherst, A, Jr.

Hannah Walker, Amherst, M, Sr.

Peggy Wefald, Mount Holyoke, M, Sr.

Bianca Young, Mount Holyoke, D, Jr.

Boardwalk Region First Team

Kailee Beal, Montclair, A, Fr.

Kate Cox, Stevens, D, Jr.

Cori Defini, Montclair, M, So.

Alli Dickey, Rowan, M, Jr.

Jackie Gale, FDU, D, Sr.

Grace Griffith, Eastern, A, Jr.

Alison Jaeger, TCNJ, A, Jr.

Leigh Mitchell, TCNJ, D, So.

Kathleen Notos, TCNJ, M, So.

Lindsey Parent, FDU, M, Jr.

Alyssa Pigott, Stevens, A, Sr.

Lyndsay Rossi, Drew, M, So.

Christine Smith, Stevens, M, Jr.

Emily Stankaitis, Susquehanna, GK, Fr.

Nicole Valianti, Rowan, D, Jr.

Leah Wassermann, Stevens, A, Jr.

Second Team

Stacie Brown, Drew, A, Jr.

Ashley Carey, Stevens, D, So.

Sloane Coles, Drew, M, Jr.

Trish Harrington, Rowan, M, Jr.

Tiffani Henderson, Montclair, GK, Fr.

Ashley Krzysik, Montclair, D, So.

Britt McCann, Susquehanna, D, So.

Allison McCord , Drew, D, Jr.

Morgan McPhee, Montclair, M, Sr.

Jessie Mitchell, Mount St. Vincent, M, Jr.

Kaitlyn Molzon, Rowan, D, Sr.

Alyana Morris, Rowan, A, Sr.

Justine Rothar, Farmingdale, A, Jr.

Stefanie Sanzari, FDU, D, Jr.

Lisa Seldeen, TCNJ, A, Sr.

Spencer Waybright, Stevens, M, Fr.

Chesapeake Region First Team

Jenny Atmar, Mary Washington, M, So.

Becky Borrell, Catholic, D, Jr.

Katharine Farrar, Washington and Lee, GK, Jr.

Kim Cudmore, Salisbury, A, Sr.

Nora Fallon-Oben, St. Mary's, A, Sr.

Julia Gotwald, Washington and Lee, D, Sr.

Catherine Kennedy, Mary Washington, A, So.

Allie Kimmelman, Mary Washington, A, So.

Emmy Mathews, Washington and Lee, M, Jr.

Sarah McKinley, Salisbury, D, Sr.

Lauriann Parker, St. Mary's, M, Fr.

Kaitlin Quigley, Christopher Newport, M, Jr.

Beth Rhodey, Salisbury, M, Sr.

Mary Swarthout, Catholic, M, So.

Lauren Taguding, Stevenson, D, So.

Gina Valles, Roanoke, M, Jr.

Second Team

Ellen Bikowski, Mary Washington, D, So.

Logan Bilderback, Salisbury, A, Sr.

Meghan Brady, Catholic, A, So.

Melissa Brashear, Catholic, GK, Sr.

Erin Claire Cassidy, Randolph-Macon, A, Jr.

Jessica Chmielweski, Salisbury, M, Sr.

Colleen Cole, Goucher, M, Jr.

Ashley Dodge, Marymount, GK, Sr.

Jessica Glazer, Salisbury, D, Sr.

Meghan Harkey, Christopher Newport, A, Jr.

Alida Haslett, Roanoke, D, Sr.

Morgan Logue, Lynchburg, M, Jr.

Aubrey Mirkin, St. Mary's, M, Jr.

Laura Norris, Virginia Wesleyan, A, Sr.

Megan Weiss, Stevenson, A, Jr.

Lauren Zegowitz, Stevenson, M, Sr.

Empire Region First Team

Lindsay Abbott, Cortland, A, So.

Sarah Bray, Hamilton, M, Jr.

Kendyl Clarkson, Buffalo State, A, So.

Maria DiFato, Cortland, M, Fr.

Jess Fritz, Cortland, M, Sr.

Lauren Glavin, St. John Fisher, M, Sr.

Melissa Hill, Brockport, M, Sr.

Kristin Joyce, Union, A, Jr.

Jamie Kaminsky, Brockport, GK, Jr.

Amber Kinsey, Skidmore, D, Sr.

Liz Moran, Union, D, Sr.

Liz Rave, Hamilton, A, Sr.

Cat Ruggiero, Union, GK, Jr.

Karen Shaddock, Buffalo State, A, So.

Lauren Sokol, Hamilton, D, So.

Sarah Warner, Vassar, M, Jr.

Second Team

Michelle Cook, Nazareth, A, Jr.

Kat Egizi, Union, D, So.

Samantha Fennessey, RPI, M, Sr.

Molly Fitzgerald, William Smith, A, Sr.

Kate Fowler, Hamilton, GK, Sr.

Julia Gefell, Buffalo State, D, Sr.

Anne Graveley, Hamilton, A, Jr.

Megan Henriksen, RIT, D, So.

Melissa Hine, Union, M, Sr.

Catherine Hurley, Ithaca, A, Jr.

Lucy Johnson, William Smith, M, So.

Sarah McCaskill, Nazareth, D, Jr.

Rebecca Monteith, Oneonta State, A, So.

Ann Sessler, Nazareth, GK, Sr.

Amy Simon, Fredonia State, A, So.

Lexi Wisnowski, St. Lawrence, M, Sr.

Pilgrim Region First Team

Amy Campbell , Colby , A, Sr.

Lexi Crook , Colby, D, Jr.

Jenna Dannis, Bates, M, So.

Chase Delano, Middlebury, A, Jr.

Claire Donegan , Colby , M, So.

Caroline Duke , Colby , D, Sr.

Ashley Hansbury , Curry , A, Sr.

Dana Heritage , Middlebury, A, Sr.

Katie Herter, Bowdoin, A, So.

Emily Johnson, Tufts, A, Sr.

Alyssa Kopp, Tufts, D, Sr.

Lily Nguyen, Middlebury, GK, So.

Joan O'Neill , Bates, A, So.

Stephanie Perez, Tufts, M, So.

Kate Pistel, Colby, M, Fr.

Katie Stewart, Bowdoin, M, So.

Second Team

Jenna Abelli, Tufts, M, Sr.

Elizabeth Clegg, Bowdoin , A, So.

Morgan DeShaw, Endicott, A, So.

Katy Dissinger, Bowdoin, M, Jr.

Casey Egan, Tufts, M, So.

Valerie Feldman, Endicott, A, Sr.

Linnea Fulton, Bates, D, Fr.

Carolyn Gorajek, Bowdoin, A, Fr.

Kalie Judd, Plymouth State, M, Sr.

Katie Knaus, Gordon, M, Sr.

Jessica Knight , Southern Maine, M, Sr.

Kathleen Kramer, Colby, A, Sr.

Virginia Lee, Univ. of New England, D, Sr.

Amanda Magee, Roger Williams, GK, Sr.

Nicole Papasergiou, Roger Williams, D, Jr.

Maeghan Ross, Emerson, M, Jr.

Metro Region First Team

Amanda Alexandrowicz, Cabrini, M, Sr.

Brittany Baer, McDaniel, A, Sr.

Katie Caprinolo, Elizabethtown, M, Sr.

Jessica Crane, Gettysburg, M, Sr.

Sarah Cullinan, Elizabethtown, A, Jr.

Paulette Cutruzzula, F&M, D, Sr.

Nina Emala, Gettysburg, A, Sr.

Josie Ferri, Haverford, M, So.

Blake Hargest, F&M, A, Sr.

Leanne Hollinger, McDaniel, GK, Sr.

Meredith Lussier, F&M, A, Jr.

Becky Lutz, Gettysburg, D, Jr.

Alexis Morris, Elizabethtown, D, Fr.

Stephanie Nichols, McDaniel, D, So.

Lidia Sanza, F&M, GK, Sr.

Hollis Stahl, Gettysburg, M, Sr.

Second Team

Jessie Clark, Dickinson, GK, Jr.

Alysa Crellin, Dickinson, M, Sr.

Rachel Dirksen, Messiah, M, So.

Stephanie Kreis, Elizabethtown, A, Sr.

Amanda McGovern, Muhlenberg, M, Sr.

Megan McIntyre, Lycoming, A, Sr.

Kaity Moore, Dickinson, A, So.

Erin Nollen, Cabrini, M, Sr.

Alexa-Rae Pesce, Haverford, A, So.

Kate Schmid, Cabrini, GK, Sr.

Cat Serpe, F&M, M, So.

Margaret Shanley, F&M, D, So.

Kristin Sockett, Haverford, D, Jr.

Justine Titko, Lycoming, M, Sr.

Jessica Vrana, York, D, Sr.

Kim Wayson, York, A, Fr.

West Region First Team

Jessica Copeland, Ohio Wesleyan, M, Sr.

Sarah Dick, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, A, Jr.

Nina Dine, Wooster, A, Jr.

Brigid Donahue, Kenyon, D, Sr.

Cayla Grodotzke, Washington & Jefferson, D, So.

Meg Grossman, Allegheny, M, Sr.

Britta Harman, Wooster, D, Sr.

Rachel Johnston, Adrian, A, So.

Bethany Keller, Denison, D, Sr.

Chase Kreuter, Kenyon, GK, Sr.

Amanda Lambert, Adrian, M, So.

Jensen Paterson, Allegheny, A, Jr.

Devon Scott, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, A, Sr.

Shelly Sheinbein, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, D, Sr.

Christy Smith, Redlands, M, Sr.

Meg Welton, Sewanee: The Univ. of the South, M, So.

Second Team

Jennifer Bryant, Redlands, D, Fr.

Katie Campbell-Morrison, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, GK, Jr.

Maggie DeFanti, Colorado, M, Sr.

Natalie Fisher, Ohio Wesleyan, D, So.

Joelle Ghanem, Wittenberg, M, Sr.

Elizabeth Hancock, Kenyon, M, Sr.

Cassie Hoyez, Adrian, D, Fr.

Martha Marich, Pomona-Pitzer, M, So.

Sarah Minick, Birmingham-Southern, A, Fr.

Johanna Moran, Sewanee: The Univ. of the South, D, Jr.

Carolyn Mukai, Whittier, M, Fr.

Emily Nichols, Kenyon, A, Fr.

Brittany Oake, Washington & Jefferson, M, So.

Steffi Renninger, Sewanee: The Univ. of the South, M, Sr.

Courtney Schrock, Washington & Jefferson, A, Jr.

Becca Worthington, Wooster, A, Sr.