The IWLCA Announces the 2012 Division I, II & III Academic Honor Rolls



The IWLCA honored 527 student-athletes from 181 different institutions

with inclusion in the 2012 Academic Honor Roll. All student-athletes

were nominated by their schools and have achieved

at least junior status academically.




IWLCA Names Division I Academic Honor Roll

171 student-athletes recognized for work in classroom


21 August 2012


            The IWLCA honored 182 student-athletes from 58 different institutions with inclusion

in the 2012 Academic Honor Roll. All student-athletes were nominated by their schools and

have achieved at least junior status academically. Leading the way was IWLCA Scholar-

Athlete of the Year Melanie Baskind from Harvard University. Among the 171 student-athletes

are 27 who were members of teams that advanced to the NCAA tournament, including two

from national champion Northwestern and two from national runner-up Syracuse. The 2012

Tewaaraton Recipient and IWLCA Midfielder of the Year Katie Schwarzmann was recognized

with inclusion, and in addition, the following student-athletes were honored:


American University 

Emily Burton, Junior, Psychology

Kimberly Collins, Junior, Business Administration: Marketing (Communication)

Paige Lin, Senior, Interdisciplinary (Mathematics)

Bernadette Maher, Senior, Public Communication (Psychology)

Samantha Marshall, Junior, Broadcast Journalism (Marketing)

Eliza Morgan, Junior, Business Administration: Finance & Marketing

Lauren Schoenberger, Senior, Psychology (Philosophy)


Binghamton University

Katherine Hunsberger, Junior, Integrative Neuroscience Major - Molecular Track

Isabelle Mahoney, Junior, Economics (Art History)

Boston College

Sara Blue, Junior, Communications

Katherine Caufield, Senior, Communications

Elizabeth Donovan, Senior, Marketing

Virginia Gummersall, Senior, Communications

Kristin Igoe, Curriculum/Instruction and Biology

Alision Meagher, Junior, Elementary Education

Brittany Wilton, Senior, Human Development


Boston University 

Virginia Swain, Senior, Painting Major in the College of Fine Arts

Hannah Frey, Senior, Health Science (Public Health)


Brown University 


Julia Keller, Senior, Education, Public Policy

Lindsay Minges, Junior, Public Policy

Kasey Wagner, Junior, Engineering, Economics


Canisius College 

Rachel Brand, Senior, Psychology

Gina Molfetta, Junior, Childhood Education


University of Cincinnati

Loirgan Banky, Senior, Middle Childhood Education

Jennifer Doran, Senior, Communications

Mackenzie Parsons, Senior, Special Education

Adrianna Piontek, Junior, Sports Administration


Columbia University 

Jenny Schiff, Senior, Philosophy

Taylor Gattinella, Senior, Art History


University of Connecticut

Megan Lally, Senior, Biological Sciences (Neurobiology & Psychology)

Siobhan Wilcox, Junior, Nursing


Cornell University 

Alison O'Neil, Senior, French, English (Cognitive Science)

Caroline Salisbury, Junior, Applied Economics and Management, Agricultural Sciences


Dartmouth College 

Courtney Bennett, Junior, Psychology (Geography)

Kyra Hansson, Junior, Psychology

Hana Bowers, Junior, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Davidson College

Abigail Doelger, Junior, Biology

Erin Keitel, Senior, Anthropology (Chemistry)


University of Delaware

Kelsey Kaminski, Junior, Exercise Science

Grace Wills, Senior, Communications


University of Denver

Melissa Maier, Senior, Marketing  (Art)

Jessica Gring, Junior, General Business (Legal Studies)


University of Detroit

Anna Eidem, Senior, Criminal Justice

Britany Busch, Junior, Business

Alysca Valentine, Senior, Architecture


Drexel University

Morgan Holbrook, Senior, Health Sciences

Samantha Berger, Senior, Business Administration

Catalina Friscia, Senior, Design & Merchandising

Alexandra Allen, Senior, Political Science

Joanna Johnson, Junior, Communication

Kelli Joran, Junior, Teacher Education


Duke University 

Katherine Thomas, Senior, International Comparative Studies, Russian (Markets & Management)

Makenzie Hommel, Junior, Sociology (Markets & Management)

Monica DeMairo, Junior, Sociology (Psychology & Markets and Management)

Mie Graham, Junior, Political Science (Markets & Management)


Duquesne University 

Aubrey Green, Junior, Elementary Education

Jackie Henke, Senior, Sociology

Amy Gladfelter, Senior, Sports Marketing

Liz Walker, Graduate Student, Health Management Systems

Cailin Colegrove, Senior, Elementary Education

Elise Caldwell, Senior, Athletic Training


Fairfield University 

Amanda Best, Junior, Psychology

Kelley Brady, Senior, Marketing

Rebecca Rostowsky, Graduate Student, Communications


University of Florida 

Cara Canington, Junior, Sport Management (Business Administration)

Brittany Dashiell, Junior, Health Science

Emily Dohony, Junior, Criminology

Gabrielle Wiegand, Junior, Sociology


George Washington University

Sarah Phillips, Senior, Finance

Caitlyn O'Brien, Junior, Business Econ and Public Policy


Georgetown University 

Kristen Coleman, Graduate Student, Master's in Sports Industry Management

Kelly Barnes, Senior, Marketing


Harvard University 

Melanie Baskind, Senior, Neurobiology

Kerry Clark, Senior, Economics

Micaela Cyr, Junior, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Mariel Jenkins, Junior, Psychology

Tyler Petropulos, Senior, Government

Jennifer VanderMeulen, Junior, Psychology


Hofstra University 

Jacquelyn Ardolino, Senior, Speech-Language-Hearing Science

Maryann Miller, Senior, Psychology, Early Childhood & Childhood Education

Emily Corzel, Senior, Finance

Jill Maier, Junior, English, Early Childhood & Childhood Education


Iona College 

Stephanie Sumcizk, Graduate Student, Adolescent Spanish

Kelsey Sickles, Senior, Information Systems


James Madison University

Alisa Konishi, Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Alex Napoli, Senior, Health Sciences

Caitlin McHugh, Senior, Health Sciences

Johns Hopkins University 

Sammi Arbitman, Junior, Psychology


Katie Duffey, Junior, Public Health

Alyson Friedensohn, Senior, Global Environmental Change & Sustainability

Sophia Sherry, Junior, English


La Salle University 

Sara Ciaverelli, Senior, Biology

Melissa DiTomo, Senior, Nursing

Jaclyn Donato, Junior, Marketing

Allison Herman, Senior, Biology

Jacquelyn Jamrogowicz, Senior, Nursing

Maura Malone, Junior, Nursing

Jacquelyn Roebuck, Junior, Elementary Special Education Pre K - 4th grade


Lafayette College 

Alexa Biale, Senior, English

Ana Drehwing, Junior, Psychology

Margaux LeBuffe, Senior, Spanish

Cameron Linville, Junior, Economics

Katie Mischler, Junior, Mathematics, Economics

Megan Ohlmacher, Senior, Government & Law


Liberty University

Chloe McIntosh, Senior, Exercise Science

Audra Menaz, Junior, Sport Management


Long Island University-Brooklyn

Jacqueline Simonian, Senior, Biology (Psychology)


Longwood University 

Katie Carbiener, Senior, Exercise Science (Biology)

Jamie Brentlinger, Junior, Exercise Science (Coaching)

Jessica Rudloff, Senior, Exercise Science

Samantha Stifler, Senior, Biology - Health Biomedical Concentration


University of Louisville

Janaye Dzikewich, Graduate Student, Exercise Physiology

Katie Oliverio, Senior, Sport Administration


Loyola University of Maryland

Kellye Gallagher, Senior, Speech Language Pathology (Audiology)

Ana Heneberry, Senior, Communications


University of Maryland

Katie Schwarzmann, Junior, Management

Bria Phillips, Senior, Management


Monmouth University

Olivia Salata, Senior, Communications - TV & radio (Sports Broadcasting)

Erica Abendschoen, Senior, Business/Finance


Mount St. Mary's University 

Meg Conlon, Senior, Biology

Kaitlyn Larrimore, Senior, French, Education


University of New Hampshire

Kate Gunts, Senior, Communication (Kinesiology)

Jenny Simpson, Junior, Sport Studies


Northwestern University 

Alexa deLyra, Junior, Human Development and Psychological Services

Lacey Vigmostad, Senior, Learning and Organizational Change (Business Institutions)


University of Notre Dame

McKenzie Brown, Junior, Pre Professional Studies (Science)

Adele Bruggman, Junior, Sociology (Poverty Studies)

Kelly Driscoll, Senior, Accountancy, Computer Applications


Old Dominion University

Sarah Geary, Senior, Master of Science, Special Education

Rebecca Reymann, Senior, Health and Physicial Education


University of Oregon

Caroline Federighi, Junior, Undeclared

Lara Bennett, Senior, Human Physiology (Chemistry)

Shannon Propst, Junior, Communication disorders and sciences

Dominique Christiansen, Senior, Business


University of Pennsylvania

Emily Leitner, Senior, Cinema Studies

Elizabeth Price, Junior, Psychology


Penn State University 

Colleen Shea, Senior, Mathematics, Security & Risk Analysis (History)


Princeton University 

Cathy Bachur, Senior, Psychology


Quinnipiac University 

Emily Mason, Junior, Psychology, Elementary Education

Kim Davis, Senior, Psychology


Robert Morris University 

Emily Carlo, Senior, Nursing

Angelina Gasparo, Junior, Sports Management

Colleen O'Donnell, Senior, Communications-Advertising

Jennifer Schulze, Senior, Management

Tara Southworth, Junior, Nursing


Rutgers University 

Danielle Mascera, Senior, Sociology (Criminology and Education)

Ali Steinberg, Senior, Sociology (Criminology and Education)


St. Bonaventure University 

Amanda Cizenski, Senior, Physical Education

Marissa Morrill, Senior, Elementary Education and Special Education

Daisy Timlin, Senior, Elementary Education


Saint Francis University 

Lauren Bezmen, Junior, Early Childhood Education

Katherine Dacanay, Senior, History/Secondary Education, Mathematics

Alexa Joanow, Junior, Physician Assistant

Emily Patterson, Senior, Political Science/Pre-Law (World Languages)


Saint Joseph's University 

Elizabeth Fox, Senior, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, Business Intelligence

Meghan McDevitt, Senior, Elementary/Special Education


Stanford University 

Catherine Swanson, Senior, Science, Technology and Society

Anna Boeri, Senior, Psychology

Linley Block, Junior, Economics


Syracuse University 

Monika Klus, Senior, Women and Gender Studies

Heather Wentz, Senior, Newspaper (Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises)


Temple University

Tess Bishop, Senior, Advertising

Antonia Falcone, Junior, Speech Language Hearing Science (Public Health)

Keelin Hood, Senior, Early Childhood Education

Allison McWilliams, Senior, Secondary Education, English

Jaqueline Mercer, Senior, Art

Melissa Schweitzer, Senior, Physical Health Education Teacher Education


United States Naval Academy

Kathy Young, Junior, Ocean Engineering

Emily Mellin, Junior, Ocean Engineering


Vanderbilt University 

Paige Cahill, Junior, Elementary Education, Child Studies

Catherine Carr, Senior, Medicine, Health, & Society (Managerial Studies: Leadership & Organization)

Kacie Connors, Senior, Communication Studies (Managerial Studies: Corporate Strategy, Leadership & Organization)

Chelsea Pasfield, Junior, Educational Studies, Child Studies

Kendall Pittinger, Senior, Economics (Managerial Studies: Corporate Strategy)

Alexandra Priddy, Senior, Medicine, Health, and Society (Sociology)


Virginia Tech

Charlotte Marsh, Junior, Biology

Elizabeth Rosebro, Junior, Fine Art

Ryan Rotanz, Senior, Human Development

Julie Wolfinger, Senior, Marketing


Wagner College 

Chanel Briggins, Senior, Arts Administration

Carolyn Clark, Senior, Business Administration, International Business (French)

Lauren Petrik, Senior, Business Administration, Marketing (Spanish)

Denieda McCullough, Senior, Business Administration, Accounting


William & Mary, College of

Maggie Anderson, Senior, Biology

Lauren Binzer, Senior, Psychology, Pre Med

Jenny Michael, Senior, History and Psychology

Sally Roberts, Senior, Kinesiology, Pre Health

Stephanie Steinweg, Neuroscience, Pre Med



IWLCA Names Division II Academic Honor Roll

82 student-athletes recognized for work in classroom


21 August 2012


          The IWLCA honored 82 student-athletes from 29 different institutions with inclusion in

the 2012 Academic Honor Roll. All student-athletes were nominated by their schools and

have achieved at least junior status academically.


Assumption College

Meg Daly, Senior, Biology

Michelle Santos, Junior, International Business, Finance (Marketing)


Belmont Abbey College

Meghan McSherry, Senior, Elementary Education

Rebecca Diggs, Senior, Business


Bentley University 

Maureen Fields, Senior, Economics, Finance (Computer Information Systems)

Stephanie LaRocca, Senior, Management

Elizabeth Magiure, Junior, Computer Information Systems


Dowling College

Christina Fey, Junior, History (Secondary Education)

Kathryn Ford, Senior, Physical Education K-12

Alana Gund, Senior, Special Education, Social Science

Rachel Nelson, Junior, Psychology

Nina Ragone, Junior, Elementary Education


East Stroudsburg University

Sarah Ginn, Junior, Physical Education Teacher Certification

Maure Perrymond, Clinical Exercise Physiology

Molly McLenigan, Senior, Exercise Science


Edinboro University

Kaitlin Magee, Junior, Graphic Design

Samantha Kaiser, Graduate Student, Health and Physical Education (Teacher Certification)


Erskine College 

Alesia Jerrells, Senior, Business, Spanish

Hillary Henry, Junior, Elementary Education


Florida Southern University

Katie Hammerer, Junior, Graphic Design

Mara Mason, Junior, Nursing


Fort Lewis College 

Jenna Steele, Junior, Exercise Science Administration Option (Coaching)


Gannon University

Caitlyn Fisher, Junior, Pre-Med, Biology

Sarah Grzybinski, Junior, Sport and Exercise


Grand Valley State University

Allyson Fritts, Junior, Health Professions -- BS (Psychology)

Brianna Shefferly, Junior, Secondary Education -- Physical Education (Health Education)

Trisha Blake, Senior, Biomedical Sciences -- BS


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Corinne Miller, Senior, Personal and Culinary Services

Stephanie Bianco, Senior, Education


Lake Erie College

Meredith Howe, Junior, Accounting (French Studies)

Julia Kudla, Junior, Marketing, Sport Management

Aerielle Smith, Junior, Adolescent/Young Adult Education (Biology)

Allison Trombetti, Junior, Accounting (Business Administration)


Limestone College

Brittany Howard, Junior, Strength & Conditioning

Sylvia Queener, Junior, Theatre

Kelly LaLonde, Senior, Physical Education, Strength & Conditioning (Coaching)

Lindsay Malecki, Senior, Physical Education

Brigid Milchling, Senior, Athletic Training


Lock Haven University 

Kayleigh Johnson, Senior, Sports Administration

Emily Cilla, Junior, Health Science- Physical Therapy


Mercy College 

Kelsey Sullivan, Junior, Health Science

Marissa Hurley, Junior, Occupational Therapy


Mercyhurst College 

Sarah Stokes, Junior, Intelligence

Anna LeGrett, Junior, Intelligence

Laura Trenti, Senior, Interior Design

Alexandra Keirn, Senior, Business

Kelly Palmer, Senior, Hospitality Management


Molloy College 

Nicole DeAngelis, Senior, Childhood Education & History, Childhood Special Education

Brianna Lively, Junior, Childhood Education & History, Childhood Special Education

Alison Scalice, Senior, Business Management

Christie Roell, Junior, Communications

Nicole Mastrianni, Junior, Nursing


University of New Haven

Aubrey Duncan, Senior, Interior Design

Sarah Magnone, Senior, Graphic Design

Kristina Curry, Junior, Nutrition and Dietetics


Pfeiffer College

Jamie Alcala, Senior, Art

Shannon Bonnel, Junior, Exercise Science

Molly Punk, Senior, Chemistry

Alyssa Wombwell, Senior, Sports Management


Queens University of Charlotte

Paige Fisher, Senior, Mathematics (Education)

Brittany Philip, Senior, Communication (Sports communication)


Regis University

Jessika Carlstrom, Junior, Biology

Carly Wagner, Graduate Student, Accounting

Morgan Taylor, Senior, Biology


Seton Hill University

Amanda Malkowski, Senior, Business Entrepreneurial Studies (Graphic Design)

Amanda Lee, Senior, Criminal Justice, Psychology (Sociology)

Kate Linkosky, Junior, Political Science (Legal Studies)

Kinsey McKenrick, Junior, Political Science

Alexandra Gulli, Junior, Chemistry, Forensic Science


St Andrews University 

Anna Egeln, Senior, English

Shana Schroeder, Senior, Business


Shepherd University 

Jenny Cavey, Junior, Recreation/Leisure Studies & Sport Communication


Shippensburg University

Alison Cross, Senior, Elementary Education (German)

Sarah Chrencik, Junior, Marketing (Technical/Professional Communications)


Slippery Rock University 

Amy Halls, Senior, Business Marketing (Communications and Management)

Emma Vanenburg, Senior, Health and Physical Education (Coaching)

Ariel Gilbert, Junior, Health and Physical Education (Adaptive PE)

Jami Meirick, Junior, Management, Finance


Southern Connecticut State University 

Elaina Heiple, Senior, Exercise Science - Human Performance

Katie Walter, Junior, History, Elementary Education


Wheeling Jesuit University

Erin Cannon, Senior, Psychology

Giovanna J. Bonasso, Junior, Biology



IWLCA Names Division III Academic Honor Roll

246 student-athletes recognized for work in classroom


21 August 2012


          The IWLCA honored 246 student-athletes from 94 different institutions with inclusion

in the 2012 Academic Honor Roll. All student-athletes were nominated by their schools and

have achieved at least junior status academically. Leading the way was IWLCA Scholar-

Athlete of the Year Mallory Vogel from The Catholic University of America. Among the 246

student-athletes are 67 who were members of teams that advanced to the NCAA

tournament, including two from national champion Trinity College, two from national runner-

up Salisbury, four from national semifinalist Middlebury and two from national semifinalist

Cortland. Twenty-two of the 31 teams that advanced to the NCAA championships are

represented on the list. IWLCA Community Awareness honoree Annalicia Geeter of Widener

is a member of the Honor Roll, as are 11 members of the All-America teams.


          The full list of the 2012 Division III Academic Honor Roll are listed below:


Alfred University 

Emily Crosby, Senior, Accounting, Marketing, Economics & Finance

Tracie McGinnity, Junior, Biomedical Material Engineering

Molly Finnerty, Senior, Art & Design & Marketing

Agnes Scott College

Clara Kienzle, Junior, Biology

Kaitlyn McCune, Senior, Public Health


Allegheny College 

Noelle Brouillard, Junior, Economics, Spanish

Caitlin Hubel, Senior, Environmental Science (German)


Amherst College 

Lamia Harik, Senior, French, Neuroscience

Wyatt Davis, Junior, Environmental Studies, Political Science

Meredith LaRose, Senior, Biology


Arcadia University

Meghan Fallon, Junior, Psychology/Pre-Physical Therapy

Kaitlin Barry, Junior, Elementary Education


Bates College 

Margaret Reilly, Senior, Mathematics, Economics

Caroline Pierce, Senior, Women and Gender Studies

Jenna Dannis, Senior, History, Politics

Linnea Fulton, Junior, Biology

Jennifer Brallier, Junior, Sociology, Politics


Bowdoin College

Devin Hardy, Junior, Visual Arts, Environmental Studies

Elizabeth Clegg, Senior, German, Government and Legal Studies

Elizabeth Spalding, Senior, Asian Studies, Economics

Katherine Stewart, Senior, Government and Legal Studies, Spanish (English)


Bryn Mawr College 

Gabrielle Marangell, Senior, Economics, French

Mae Carlson, Senior, English

Emily Levine, Senior, Biology

Catherine Flaming, Senior, Philosophy, Economics


Buffalo State College

Paige Ottaviano, Senior, Business

Eleanor Eshenour, Junior, Undecided

Karen Shaddock, Senior, Individual Studies

Carrie O'Donel, Junior, Physics

Angela Sanita, Junior, Psychology


Carthage College

Natalie Ceis, Junior, Business Administration, Public Relations

Stephanie Cain, Senior, Art, Graphic Design


The Catholic University of America

Lauren Bernstein, Senior, Management

Sarah Lindell, Senior, Finance

Katie Miller, Senior, Architecture

Mary Robinson, Senior, Psychology

Caroline Scalamandre, Junior, Nursing

Mary Swarthout, Senior, Nursing

Mallory Vogel, Senior, Biomedical Engineering


Cedar Crest College 

Tara Fikes, Senior, Genetic Engineering (Chemistry)

Elizabeth Sunderhaus, Senior, Genetic Engeneering (Chemistry)


Centenary College

Alysia Pinkerton, Junior, History / Teacher of Social Studies


Christopher Newport University

Stephanie Green, Junior, Neuroscience (Leadership, Chemistry)

Rebecca Geist, Junior, Spanish



Rachel Darby, Junior, Legal Studies/Psychology

Leslie Sachs, Junior, Politics & International Relations, Psychology

Alexandra Abramovitz, Senior, Economics/Accounting

Lucy Phillips, Senior, Politics & International Relations


Colby College 

Hilary Barr, Junior, Economics, Mathematics (Administrative Science)

Kat McCarrick, Junior, English

Lane McVey, Senior, Government (Classical Civilization)

Theresa Petesch, Junior, Economics


Colorado College 

Bailey Terhune, Senior, Political Science

Fran Staadt, Junior, International Political Economy

Ellie Cole, Junior, English


Connecticut College

Deanna Ezzio, Senior, Psychology, Human Development

Maura Brazel, Junior, Human Development

Kelsey Burke, Junior, Economics

Caroline Corbett, Junior, Economics, Environmental Studies

Brianna Miller, Junior, Economics, International Relations


SUNY Cortland

Jamie Flood, Junior, Kinesiology (Sport Management)

Megan Milhaven, Junior, Adapted Physical Education


Denison University 

Hannah Minifie, Senior, Biology, Studio Art

Laura Spinelli, Junior, Psychology, Economics (Communication)


Drew University 

Lyndsay Rossi, Senior, Psychology

Aileen Musynske, Senior, English


Eastern Connecticut State University 

Erin Conn, Junior, Biology

Daniela Marchitto, Junior, Elementary Education, Individualized

Ashley Prizio, Senior, Sociology, Early Childhood Education


Elizabethtown College

Alexis Morris, Junior, Corporate Communications

Kara Solesky, Junior, Occupational Therapy


Elmira College 

Lindsay Mitchell, Senior, Business, Marketing and Management (Economics)

Laura Bartus, Junior, Speech and Language Disabilities


Endicott College 

Holly Davis, Senior, Elementary Education

Morgan DeShaw, Senior, Sport Management


Fitchburg State University 

Rebecca Malkin, Junior, Professional Communications


Franklin & Marshall College

Anne Brockmeyer, Senior, Special Studies


Fredonia State

Megan Mietelski, Senior, Childhood Education (Concentration in Math)

Amy Simon, Senior, Sport Management (Business Management and Coaching)

Morgan McNamara, Senior, Communication - Public Relations (Visual Arts and New Media)

Kaila Fox, Junior, Speech Pathology


SUNY Geneseo

Julianne Bernatzky, Junior, Mathematics (Secondary Education)

Christine Morra, Senior, Biology (Pre Optometry)


Gettysburg College 

Lindsay Menton, Junior, Individual

Hayward Sawers, Junior, Political Science, Religion


Gordon College 

Abigail McManus, Senior, Kinesiology - Health Services

Stephanie Fitzgerald, Junior, Business Administration

Anna Blomberg, Junior, Recreation & Leisure Studies - Outdoor Education

Kelly Linehan, Junior, Biology


Goucher College 

Mary Lambert, Senior, Sociology (Women's Studies)

Andi Lipson, Senior, Peace Studies


Hamilton College

Julia Beaty, Junior, Anthropology

Rachel Friedman, Junior, Economics (Art history)

Lauren Sokol, Senior, English (Communications)


Hartwick College

Hannah Kennedy, Senior, History, Education and Special Education Certifications


Haverford College

Josie Ferri, Senior, Psychology (Neural Behavioral Sciences Concentration)

Jennifer Schmidt, Senior, Chemistry (Biochemistry) (Psychology)

Perrin Downing, Junior, Biology (Neural Behavioral Sciences Concentration)


Hollins University 

Lindley Taylor, Junior, Film, Mathematics

Erika LaWall, Senior, Business, Economics


Kean University 

Kelly Bachovchin, Junior, Science and Technology - Molecular Biology

Lyndsey Cannon, Junior, Physical Education and Health Teacher Certification


Kenyon College

Ann Kelly, Senior, Music

Dana Warren, Senior, International Studies


King’s College

Alyssa Bozzett, Junior, Physician's Assistant (Pre- Med) (Biology)

Chelsea Manes, Junior, Biology


LaGrange College

Paige Castle, Junior, Psychology

Alyssa Freeman, Senior, English


Lebanon Valley College

Hana Krechel, Junior, Physics

Suzanne Sullivan, Junior, Early Childhood Education, Special Education

Jennifer Strack, Junior, Health Science (Business Administration)

Kristen Rooney, Junior, Early Childhood Education, Special Education


Lycoming College

Lauren Reitnouer, Senior, History, Archaeology


Lynchburg College 

Julie Will, Junior, Mathematics

Carley Dobson, Junior, Public Relations


Manhattanville College 

Nicole Catapano, Senior, Psychology, Elementary Education

Alex Pomato, Junior, Finance (Sociology)


Marywood University 

Ilze Spilde, Junior, Art Education

Taylor McKeown, Senior, Nursing


University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Selina Houghton, Junior, Electrical Engineering

Denise Gates, Junior, Nursing


McDaniel College 

Chelsea Watkins, Senior, Psychology (Environmental Policy)

Stephanie Nichols, Senior, Business (Accounting)

Paige Messersmith, Junior, Exercise Science

Kerry Campbell, Junior, Biology (Pre- Med)


Messiah College

Rachel Dirksen, Senior, Marketing

Meghan Doolittle, Senior, Marketing

Jaime Gerhart, Senior, Engineering


Middlebury College

Alice Pfeifer, Junior, English and American Literature (Educational Studies)

Ellen Halle, Junior, History (Global Health)

Neile Weeks, Junior, History of Art and Architecture

Hannah Epstein, Senior, Film and Media Culture


Montclair State University 

Kelcie Wavra, Junior, Family and Child Studies


Morrisville State College

Alison Falkenburgh, Senior, Horticulture Business Management


Mount Holyoke College 

Hilary Bombard, Senior, Philosophy, Sociology

Jamie Theophilos, Junior, Gender Studies, Film Studies


Nazareth College 

Melissa Cignarale, Senior, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Erinn Wood, Junior, Graphics and Illustration


University of New England

Jenna Barton, Senior, Exercise Science

Emily Lodge, Junior, Medical Biology

Cassidy Ruocco, Junior, Medical Biology, Pre-Physician Ast.


North Central College 

Amy Frazzini, Senior, Exercise Science

Caroline Gully, Senior, Spanish


Notre Dame of Maryland University

Kelsey Kempf, Junior, Biology/Nursing

Rachel Jones, Junior, English

Lauren McCusker, Senior, Elementary Education


Oberlin College

Ilyssa Meyer, Junior, Comparative American Studies (Politics and History)

Seung Yun Jee, Junior, Neuroscience (Cognitive Studies)


Occidental College

Isabel Osgood-Roach, Junior, Critical Theory and Social Justice, Spanish

Haley Gandsey, Junior, Psychology (Kinesiology)


SUNY Oswego

Kelly Collins, Senior, Early Childhood Education


Pacific University

Rachel Wong, Senior, Elementary Education

Adri Wilburn, Junior, Biology (French, Physics)

Brittany Hartmann, Junior, Chemestry, Physics

Carmen Taplin, Junior, Social Work (Sociology)

Ashley Guieb, Junior, Exercise Science


Plymouth State University 

Nora Regan, Senior, Accounting

Caitlin Swanson, Junior, Marketing

Amanda Richardson, Junior, Business Administration

Kristen Guest, Junior, Criminal Justice (Psychology)


Randolph Macon College

Maggie Benson, Junior, Biology

Rachel Johnsen, Junior, Political Science, French


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Emma Albert, Senior, Information Technology

Muryum Khalid, Senior, Business & Management (Communications & Literature)

Erin Pomerantz, Senior, Applied Mathamatics (Economics & Psychology)


Rochester Institute of Technology

Rebecca Lampson, Senior, Business Marketing

Carley Augustyn, Junior, Biomedical Sciences (Psychology)


University of Rochester 

Liza Maizel, Junior, Psychology, Spanish

Frances Cooley, Junior, Brain and Cognitive Sciences


Rowan University 

Michelle Lubrano, Senior, Health and Exercise Science

Ellen Brigham, Junior, Art

Shannon O'Brien, Junior, Spanish, Elementary Education

Caitlin Ravel, Junior, Elementary Education


Saint John Fisher College

Julia Lauria, Senior, Sports Management

Laura Lipari, Junior, Management

Shannon McDermott, Senior, Nursing

Kristen Zylka, Junior, Childhood Education


St. Lawrence University 

Alanna Piroli, Senior, Psychology (Sport Studies and Exercise Science)

Johanna Kelley, Junior, Mathematics

Stephanie O'Rourke, Junior, History (Government)


Saint Mary’s College of Maryland

Kimmy Routson, Senior, Political Science, Spanish

Amelia Tenberg, Junior, Biology

Lauriann Parker, Junior, Psychology


Salisbury University

Carrie Bray, Senior, History, International Relations

Anna Sparr, Junior, Exercise Science


Sewanee: The University of the South

Shelby Bartlett, Senior, Psychology (Women's Studies)


Simmons College

Megan Coffey, Junior, History, Political Science

Kelly Last, Junior, Exercise Science


Skidmore College 

Ali Evans, Senior, Anthropology and Sociology

Rachel Klein, Senior, Social Work, Psychology


Stevens Institute of Technology

Spencer Waybright, Junior, Business & Technology

Lindsay Daly, Senior, Biomedical Engineering


Sweet Briar College

Rachel Ashdown, Junior, International Affairs

Sissy Winstead, Senior, Spanish, Biology

Seanne Weekes, Senior, Economics, International Affairs


Stevenson University 

Alli Novak, Senior, Human Services

Stephanie Hilton, Senior, Business Communications


The College of New Jersey

Leigh Mitchell, Senior, Mathematics Statistics

Kathleen Notos, Senior, Elementary Education -Mathematics/Science/Technology

Claire Engelman, Junior, Special Education, English

Camille Passucci, Junior, History


Thiel College

Alison Lange, Junior, English


Trinity College (CT)

Olivia Whitney, Junior, Art History (Italian Studies)

Madeleine Hardy, Senior, Biochemistry (French Language)


Vassar College 

Elizabeth Annis, Junior, Sociology

Michela Garrison, Junior, Latin American and Latino Studies

Austin Gitomer, Senior, Biology

Elise Heffernan, Senior, Biology and Hispanic Studies

Heather Kesselman, Senior, Hispanic Studies

Caroline Kessler, Senior, American Culture


Virginia Wesleyan College 

Natalie Belva, Senior, Communications, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Brittany MacKnew, Senior, Interdivisional (elementary education)


Washington and Lee University 

Lauren Acker, Senior, Sociology, History

Ashley Barnes, Junior, Neuroscience

Christina Benedetti, Senior, Mathematics (Mass Communications)

Jennifer Linder, Senior, Biology

Alli Shearin, Senior, Journalism (Environmental Studies)


Wellesley College

Meredith Roy, Junior, Neuroscience


Wesley College 

Tristin Burris, Junior, Media Arts

Jennifer Jacobs, Junior, Business


Wesleyan University 

Alexa Narzikul, Senior, Mathematics

Lydia Kring, Junior, Neuroscience and Behavior

Catherine Taibi, Junior, English


Western Connecticut State University

Devon Edwards, Junior, Health Promotion Studies


Western New England University 

Megan Doyle, Senior, Integrated Liberal Studies - Concentration in Psychology and Biology

Ali Pepe, Junior, Psychology

Janelle Gordon, Junior, Integrated Liberal Studies - Concentration in Psychology


Wheaton College 

Sabrina Fiori, Senior, Studio Art

Hailey Colburn, Senior, Psychology

Alexandra Noyes, Senior, Psychology

Kristen Palmer, Junior, Biology


Whittier College

Carolyn Mukai, Junior, Chemistry (Art)


Widener University 

Julia Costello, Junior, Physical Therapy

Linda Salcedo, Senior, Physical Therapy

Nicole Kumor, Junior, Elementary Education

Laura Kalbach, Junior, Hospitality Management

Annalicia Geeter, Senior, Sport Management


William Smith College

Rosie Scheibel, Senior, Int’l Relations, Latin American Studies (Spanish & Hispanic studies)

Elizabeth Seidel, Junior, International Relations (Political Science)

Caroline Frelinghuysen, Senior, Art History (Arts and Education)


Williams College 

Grace Horwitz, Junior, Political Economy

Kaitlin Ellis, Senior, Psychology


College of Wooster

Shawna Ferris, Junior, Communications

Lauren Vargo, Junior, Geology


York College 

Tina Nicklas, Junior, Nursing

Leah Schultz, Junior, Business